Director & Associate Directors PIAI, a world-leading IT laboratory for future intelligence information society,
will greatly contribute to information and telecommunication fields through core generic technology research.

Director & Associate Directors

Director of PIAI

Youngjoo Suh Professor
Youngjoo Suh Professor Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996 Contact Information 054-279-2243
  • DepartmentPOSTECH Computer science and engineering
  • LaboratoryMobile Networking Lab.
  • OfficePIRL 315
  • Research topicWireless Mobile Networks, 4G Mobile Networking Systems, Mobile Multicast, Mobile IP, Vertical Handovers, QoS for Mobile Networks

Associate Director- Planning

Wonbin Hong Professor
Wonbin Hong Professor University of Michigan, 2009 Contact Information 054-279-2366
  • DepartmentPOSTECH Electrical engineering
  • LaboratoryMADs Lab.
  • OfficeLG Cooperative Electronics Engineering Bldg. 413
  • Research topicEnd-to-End mmWave 5G RF Solution, Optically Invisible Microwave Antennas and RF Circuits, Electromagnetic Sensors and Communications for IoT Applications

Associate Director- Research

Hwanjo Yu Professor
Hwanjo Yu Professor University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2004 Contact Information 054-279-2388
  • DepartmentPOSTECH Computer science and engineering
  • LaboratoryData Intellignence Lab.
  • OfficePIRL 335
  • Research topicBig Data, Data Mining, Text & Multimedia Mining, Machine Learning, Databases