Organization Chart PIAI, a world-leading IT laboratory for future intelligence information society,
will greatly contribute to information and telecommunication fields through core generic technology research.

Organization Chart

조직도 연락처
Name Division Tel Email
Dongwoo Ryu POSTECH PIRL 054-279-5610
Hyojin Kim POSTECH PIRL 054-279-5611
Hyoju Kim POSTECH PIRL 054-279-5612
Hyunseo Park POSTECH PIRL 054-279-5615
Jiyoung Byeon POSTECH PIRL 031-723-3737~8
Juyeong Kim POSTECH PIRL 054-279-5613
Seoyeon Son POSTECH PIRL 054-279-5621
Suhyun Kang POSTECH PIRL 054-279-5614
Sujin Kang POSTECH PIRL 054-279-5616
Yeonhee Kwon POSTECH PIRL 054-279-5666