About PIAI PIAI, a world-leading IT laboratory for future intelligence information society,
will greatly contribute to information and telecommunication fields through core generic technology research.

About PIAI

We lead the global ICT technology and give its research direction

Computer have a ‘go game’ with humans, cars drive themselves, and IoT home appliances can be controlled outside with smartphones. Companies lag behind ICT technology have decayed, companies with new ICT technology have transformed existing structure on the other hand.

ICT technology will be converged with the entire industry and change the world faster and bigger. PIAI contributes to this flow by concentrating upon promising core technology based on AI, Big Data, IoT.

We lead Creative Innovation by fusing ICT technology with existing industry

ICT technology brings creative innovation with new value in all existing industries.

PIAI leads active cooperation between education and research with industry based on a new industry-academic cooperative model.


The global leading institute for improving national competitiveness through core technology research of 4th industrial revolution
  • R&D
    Developing R&BD system focusing on AI, Big Data, and IoT
    • Industry-oriented research by full-time researchers
    • Contributes to industrial development
  • Cultivation
    of human
    Training of artificial intelligence and IoT experts to lead the fourth industrial revolution
    • Developing next-generation professionals based on superior research staff and infrastructure
    • AI IoT curriculum for industrial workers / executives
  • Academy-Research-Industry cooperation
    Academy-Research-Industry R&BD
    • Joint research and development with industry, commercializing, innovating, and consulting
    • Supporting start-up companies.