AIBD Center PIAI, a world-leading IT laboratory for future intelligence information society,
will greatly contribute to information and telecommunication fields through core generic technology research.

AIBD Center

Greetings from the Director of the Center

Heekap Ahn ProfessorUtrecht University, 2001
  • DepartmentPOSTECH Computer science and engineering
  • Research topic Computational and Discrete Geometry, Algorithms, Data Structures, Theory of Computation
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Deep learning technology has emerged as a core technology of AI while it successfully applied to major industrial applications such as voice recognition, imaging, and machine translation since 2010.

In the spring of 2016, the legendary Go match of Alphago and Lee Sedol aroused importance of AI. With AI boom, in addition to fundamental research on AI, machine learning, and deep learning, there has been a huge need for various applied research such as computer vision, natural language processing, data mining, robotics, software platform, big data processing, and high performance platform. As opening AIBD Center, PIAI creates opportunities for AI professionals working together and the most needed AI education systematically.


Byeongin Kim Professor
Byeongin Kim Professor Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2002 Contact Information 054-279-2371
Chihyeok Jun Professor
Chihyeok Jun Professor University of California, 1986 Contact Information 054-279-2197
  • 연구실PASTA
  • OfficeScience Bldg.4-319
Daejin Kim Professor
Daejin Kim Professor Syracuse University, 1991 Contact Information 054-279-2249
Donggu Choi Professor
Donggu Choi Professor Georgia Technology, 2012 Contact Information 054-279-2375
Dongjoo Kim Research professor
Dongjoo Kim Research professor Sungkyunkwan University, 2010 Contact Information 054-279-5682
  • OfficePIAI 234
Eunyoung Youn Professor
Eunyoung Youn Professor Sookmyung Women's University Contact Information 054-279-5982
  • OfficeScience Bldg.2-319
Heekap Ahn Professor
Heekap Ahn Professor Utrecht University, 2001 Contact Information 054-279-2387
Hwanjo Yu Professor
Hwanjo Yu Professor University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2004 Contact Information 054-279-2388
Hyeseon Lee Professor
Hyeseon Lee Professor Kyungpook National University, 2008 Contact Information 054-279-8222
  • OfficeScience Bldg.4-314
Hyungju Hwang Professor
Hyungju Hwang Professor Brown University, 2002 Contact Information 054-279-2056
Jaesik Park Professor
Jaesik Park Professor KAIST, 2015 Contact Information 054-279-2251
Jonghyeok Lee Professor
Jonghyeok Lee Professor KAIST, 1988 Contact Information 054-279-2253
Kwangjae Kim Professor
Kwangjae Kim Professor Purdue University, 1993 Contact Information 054-279-2208
Minseok Song Professor
Minseok Song Professor POSTECH, 2006 Contact Information 054-279-2376
Minsu Cho Professor
Minsu Cho Professor Seoul National University, 2012 Contact Information 054-279-2385
Sangwoo Kim Professor
Sangwoo Kim Professor Seoul National University, 1990 Contact Information 054-279-2237
Seungchul Lee Professor
Seungchul Lee Professor University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, 2010 Contact Information 054-279-2181
Seungyong Lee Professor
Seungyong Lee Professor KAIST, 1995 Contact Information 054-279-2245
Suha Kwak Professor
Suha Kwak Professor POSTECH, 2014 Contact Information 054-279-2390
Sukchan Kang
Sukchan Kang Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019 Contact Information 054-279-5673
  • OfficePIAI 234
Sungwoo Park Professor
Sungwoo Park Professor Carnegie Mellon University, 2005 Contact Information 054-279-2386
Suyoung Chang Professor
Suyoung Chang Professor University of Michigan, 1988 Contact Information 054-279-2198
  • 연구실CHAOS
  • OfficeScience Bldg.4-427
Wookshin Han Professor
Wookshin Han Professor KAIST, 2001 Contact Information 054-279-8866
Youngmyung Ko Professor
Youngmyung Ko Professor Texas A&M University, 2011 Contact Information 054-279-2373