IoT Center PIAI, a world-leading IT laboratory for future intelligence information society,
will greatly contribute to information and telecommunication fields through core generic technology research.

IoT Center

Greetings from the Director of the Center

연구소장 홍원빈 교수 Wonbin Hong ProfessorUniversity of Michigan, 2009
  • DepartmentPOSTECH Electrical engineering
  • Research topicApplied Electromagnetics, Antennas and RF Front-end Circuits

IoT is a technology that combines sensor, communication, miniaturization, low power, and service to create new value by exchanging information between people and objects. As the amount of information needed to realize this IoT has exploded, the acquisition of fast and accurate information, and the efficient processing of the information acquired, has become a key technology for the spread of the IoT. PIAI’s IoT center has designed to help researchers work together to efficiently study the technologies that will be the core of the Iot industry, and the technology developed through them will be a channel of communication that will systematically spread to industry.


Byeongseop Kim Professor
Byeongseop Kim Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 2010 Contact Information 054-279-2382
Hojin Song Professor
Hojin Song Professor GIST, 2005 Contact Information 054-279-2235
  • 연구실MADs
  • OfficeLG Cooperative Electronics Engineering Bldg.207
Hongjun Park Professor
Hongjun Park Professor University of California Berkeley, 1989 Contact Information 054-279-2234
Jaeyoon Sim Professor
Jaeyoon Sim Professor POSTECH, 1999 Contact Information 054-279-2378
Jiyeong Kwak Professor
Jiyeong Kwak Professor POSTECH, 1999 Contact Information 054-279-2848
Junil Choi Professor
Junil Choi Professor Purdue University, 2015 Contact Information 054-279-2367
Kyeongmin Bae Professor
Kyeongmin Bae Professor University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014 Contact Information 054-279-2256
Minseok Song Professor
Minseok Song Professor POSTECH, 2006 Contact Information 054-279-2376
Namyoon Lee Professor
Namyoon Lee Professor University of Texas at Austin, 2014 Contact Information 054-279-2365
  • 연구실Wise
  • OfficeLG Cooperative Electronics Engineering Bldg. 411
Pugyeon Park Professor
Pugyeon Park Professor Stanford University, 1995 Contact Information 054-279-2238
Seunggoo Lee Professor
Seunggoo Lee Professor University of Michigan, 1990 Contact Information 054-279-2236
Sungho Han Professor
Sungho Han Professor Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 1991 Contact Information 054-279-2203
Sungjune Jung Professor
Sungjune Jung Professor University of Cambridge, 2011 Contact Information 054-279-8868
Wonbin Hong Professor
Wonbin Hong Professor University of Michigan, 2009 Contact Information 054-279-2366
  • 연구실MADs
  • OfficeLG Cooperative Electronics Engineering Bldg. 413
Wonki Hong Professor
Wonki Hong Professor University of Waterloo, 1991 Contact Information 054-279-2244
Yeongjin Kim Professor
Yeongjin Kim Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), 2015 Contact Information 054-279-2368
Youngjoo Lee Professor
Youngjoo Lee Professor KAIST, 2014 Contact Information 054-279-2369
Youngjoo Suh Professor
Youngjoo Suh Professor Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996 Contact Information 054-279-2243